An area of Temperament:

Intensity of Emotions

Big emotions, quick to react

Smaller emotions, slow to react

What does this mean? 

Intensity of emotions is how big a child’s emotions are. It is also how quickly they have big emotions.

This includes how sad, worried, angry or even happy or surprised they get.

What does this look like?

Some children have big emotions. They get very excited when something good happens. They also get very sad, angry, or worried when something upsetting happens.

Other children are usually mellow or calm. They may not get very excited or upset.

How can I help?

Children with big emotions need space to feel their emotions. They also need caregivers’ help with regulation. The goal is not to change their temperament. It is to help them manage their big emotions.

Children with smaller emotions may need help identifying how they feel. They may also need to learn how to express their emotions.