The Parent-Child Care (PC-CARE) Training Center is part of the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Child and Adolescent Abuse Resource, Education (CAARE) Diagnostic and Treatment Center. 

PC-CARE has been identified as a promising practice by the Prevention Services Clearing House and the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse. 

The PC-CARE Training Center is a partner in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and is funded as a Translation and Adaptation (Category II) Center and as a Community Treatment and Service (Category III) Center.

The Center’s mission is to support positive caregiver-child relationships, reduce children’s mental health symptoms, and promote healing following stress and trauma through:

  • Training providers in PC-CARE
  • Increasing access to effective parenting interventions
  • Disseminating evidence-based practices

The PC-CARE Training Center works with treatment providers and agencies around the world to enhance their practices. We also work directly with families through this Learning Center, resources on our website, and direct services. 

If you are interested in working with the PC-CARE Training Center, please contact us at

About the National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN; is comprised of hundreds of centers across the United States who work with traumatized children. The NCTSN’s mission is to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families and communities throughout the United States.

The PC-CARE Training Center is proud to be a partner in the NCTSN. 

This project is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The views, policies, and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SAMHSA or HHS. No hosting or funding from advertising is accepted.

The PC-CARE Learning Center Team

Brandi Hawk, PhD: PC-CARE Co-Developer, Director of Learning Center Content Development

Deanna Boys, MA: Director of Learning Center User Experience

Susan Timmer, PhD: PC-CARE Co-Developer, Director of the PC-CARE Training Center, Content Contributor

Lindsay Armendariz, MS: PC-CARE Co-Developer, Content Contributor

Colleen Allen: Content Contributor

Aubrey Johnson: Content Contributor, Administrative Support

Alexis Servin: Administrative Support

Elizabeth Mota Garcia, LCSW: Content Contributor

Shayla Allen, LCSW: Content Contributor

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisor

Marta Shinn, PhD, Founder and CEO, Variations Psychology

Evaluation Advisor

Jessica Dym Bartlett, MSW, PhD, President and Co-Founder, Thriving Together, LLC

Cultural and Language Adaptations for Spanish-Speaking Families

Elizabeth Mota Garcia, LCSW, UC Davis CAARE Center, Spanish Team Lead

María Cañas Miguel, PhD, UC Davis CAARE Center

Ruth Chun Reyes, ACSW, UC Davis CAARE Center

Cruz Rocio Franco, LCSW, UC Davis CAARE Center

Alexis Servín, UC Davis CAARE Center

Jose Cholula Bruno, MA, EdD, Cholula Psychological Services

Andres Camilo Romero, MA, Equity Languages and Employment Services

Nteziyaremye Jonas, Equity Languages and Employment Services

Mujib DauDzai, MA, Equity Languages and Employment Services

Harerimana Victor,  MA, Equity Languages and Employment Services

Nixon Cadet, Equity Languages and Employment Services 

Content Review and Enhancement

Lucia Ngakudzwe Gwarada-Phillips, MD 

Web Design and Branding

Lara Lyko, Founder and CEO StudioLyko

Thank you to our PC-CARE Trainers who contributed ideas and provided feedback on the Learning Center

Delia Aguilar, LCSW

Chelsea Alcantara, PsyD

Karen Anderson, LCSW

Jose Cholula, MA, EdD

Andrea Cronin, LMFT

Paul DePompo, PsyD

Vanessa Fajardo, PhD

Marcia Gump, LMFT

DC Hamilton, JD, LMFT

Caitlin Hernández, PhD

Jenny Hutchinson, PhD

Kaleasha Johnson, LMFT

Alexandria King, PsyD

Karrie Lager, PsyD

Gina Leveroni, LMFT

Kathryn Martens, LPCC

Cassandra Moore, LMFT

Brooke Osborne, PhD

Megan Pedroza, LMFT

Courtney Peixoto de Melo

Mary Pratt, LCSW

Sandra Ruiz, LMFT

Cara Samelson, LMFT

Suzanne Sering, LMFT

Amy Weir, PsyD

Leslie Wilson, LMFT

Thank you to the many PC-CARE providers and community members who provided feedback in focus groups, during presentations, and in direct communication.