Playtime Regular playtime is the foundation of PC-CARE. Let’s start by learning how to have a great playtime!

Empowered to Create

Empowered to Create I’ll be here to show you the ropes. Let’s begin with one of these lessons!

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries I’ll help you create structure to keep your children safe and make it easier for them to know when they have to follow directions.

Leading with Action

Leading with Action I’ll teach you skills to make it easier for your child to make good choices. Let’s begin with one of these lessons!

Providing Space to Grow

I’ll teach you how to manage your emotions. Start with Regulation. Then check out the other lessons to learn skills for calming and energizing.

Understanding Your Child

Understanding your child I’m here to help you understand why children have challenging behaviors. Let’s begin with Understanding Temperament, Negative Cycles, and Learning Skills.

Paying Positive Attention

Welcome! We’re excited to teach you the PRIDE skills (Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe, Enjoy). We’ll also teach you some things to avoid as you pay positive attention.