Reducing Parent Stress

Goals: Reducing parent stress & frustration What is it? Being a parent is hard. It is even harder when your child has challenging behaviors. Worrying about your child’s well-being and about your parenting choices can cause stress. Trying to manage challenging behaviors can be frustrating. Other things, like lack of support, work or financial stress, […]

A Better Attitude

Goals: What is it? It is unreasonable to expect children to be happy all the time; however, sometimes children’s criticism, sarcasm, annoyance, and overall negative mood can make situations worse than they need to be. Having a better attitude means recognizing the impact of your behaviors on other people and trying to change these behaviors. […]

Reducing Anxiety and Feeling Safe

Goals: What is it? Children might have anxiety or feel unsafe for many reasons. While parents cannot take away anxiety, many of the PC-CARE skills can help children feel safer and calmer in their family and in the world. Even if parents know their child is safe and their worries are not true, their child […]

Frustration Tolerance

Goals: What is it? Frustration tolerance means being able to stay calm when things don’t go your way. This is a skill that children are not born with and need to learn through practice and support. Some ways children might need to learn frustration tolerance are: Sticking with a task when it is difficult, like […]

Better Communication

GOALS: What is it? Children communication all the time through their behaviors and words. Working towards better communication means that children can express their needs in ways parents can understand. This might look like: Calmly telling parents when they need help Speaking in full sentences Stating their feelings and needs Using clear language Using appropriate […]

Having More Fun Together

GOALS: What does it mean? When caregivers and children have fun together, they build warmth, shared positive memories, and trust in each other. We all want to be around people who make us feel good, and we like people more when we have fun with them. Having fun together as a family does not make […]